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Posted: October 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
2 months ago- see RB Service Co., Inc. Google Reviews
As a former employee who left the area more than 10 years ago, the way RB Service treats customers and takes pride in taking care of their equipment has set the bar extremely high for what I have compared all other employers to. I wish there were more companies like this that customers could rely on.
Never once did they consider trying to not do the right thing or cutting a corner, even when it cost them more than they stood to earn. The owner Ron pushed for results, not through instant profit, but through strong customer support over the long term. He understands that satisfied customers will continue to be customers and that was were his business would succeed. A family business that I expect to be around for a long time. Had I not started on another path, I would very much have liked to remain a part of his team.
Again, gone 10 years, in completely different field and nothing to gain from this post. I just want folks who don’t already know them, to know how it is behind the scenes there. Thank you.
Grateful for our satisfied customers

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