Meet the Owners


Matt Allen and Christina Allen- Co-Owners

Ron Beaver- Founder  Est. 1996

Our Story…

After 37 yrs+ Ron Beaver has decided to hang up his hat.  RB Service Co., Inc. sold to son-in-law/ Service Manager, Matt Allen and daughter/Office Manager, Christina Allen on January 1, 2017.  As you know, Matt and Christina have been actively managing and guiding RB Service for the past 10 years.   We have been so blessed to have had such a wonderful mentor in Ron and will forever be grateful for this passing of the torch; so to speak.

As always,  we believe good customer service is the key to being a great Service Partner!  Our #1 goal is to continue providing quality service to our loyal customers, as we have for the past 20+ years.  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Note:  RB Service customers can still rely on Ron’s expertise.  He will continue to be in the folds of our business as a mentor and expresses his gratitude for all the customer support over the many years.

Call for an appointment today 828.696.1972

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