Planned Maintenance Agreement

RB Service Company offers planned maintenance agreements for our customers.  

Refrigeration units –

  • Check evaporator coil for ice, dirt of plugged drains, clean as needed. (In place)
  • Check operation of all motors, lubricate as needed.
  • Check compressor area for proper oil level and contamination.
  • Check compressor for proper ventilation.
  • Clean condenser as needed. (In place)
  • Check gaskets, rollers, hinges and latches on refrigeration.
  • Check electrical wrings and connections.
  • Take voltage readings and amperage draws.

Ice Machines – 

  • Check water filters.
  • Check cube size and proper water level.
  • Lubricate motors and clean condenser as needed.
  • Check water circuit for cleanliness.
  • Thorough cleaning of ice machine.

Exhaust and Make Up Air – 

  • Lubricate bearings and motors.
  • Check belt for wear/ tension, replace if necessary.
  • Clean or replace filter pads as needed. (Make up air only)
  • Check electrical wiring and connections.

Planned maintenance’s may stop premature failures, extend the life of a piece of equipment and ensure the unit is running at peak performance, but it will not prevent any unforeseen problems. Please feel free to ask our technicians with any questions you may have.

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